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WordCamp Riga 2016

So, I’m back from the first (hopefully, annual) WordCamp at Riga, Latvia. And boy it was fun – I was there the whole day and I didn’t take my laptop out even once.

The venue (University of Lativa’s Academic Center for Natural Sciences) is this great modern building just a bridge walk away from city center. It has pretty much anything you could wish for a WordCamp – a big hall for keynote talks, smaller rooms for track sessions, good WiFi and plenty of power sockets for everyone. And it is pretty easy to find for a visitor, too.

The Venue

The organizing team (Kristiāna, Pēteris and everybody else) did a great job runnig the event smoothly, on time and without any hickups. And they gathered a great line-up of speakers, too. I cant tell you much about the inspirational track, because I stayed in the technical side of things. We talked about security, translations, frontend and backend, and even about running large scale websites.

Both keynoes were also great. Jonathan Howard’s talk will definitely help me overcome the writers block. Can’t wait for that to get published on, so I can share it with my students.

It was also great to meet Petya Raykovska from Human Made. Remote work is such a big part of WordPress ecosystem, so it’s always intersting to see how bigger teams handle that and especially what tools they use. I also heard they are making their developer guidelines open source – it will be interesting to compare their process with 10up’s.

In the afterparty I also found out I’m actually a doppelgänger of Codeable’s Tomaž Zaman. Live and learn… 🙂

I’ve met a lot of intersting people and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep in touch with at least some of them.

Oh, and I delivered a talk there myself. Just a little introduction into how to extend WordPress without making a huge mess. It will get to eventually and you can find my slides below:

Next stop, Stockholm.

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