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Some say, I make WordPress plugins with character. This page showcases some of my work, that you can find and download in plugin directory.

Content Cards

Content Cards helps you to insert links as rich snippets, the same way Facebook formats them if you share them on your Wall. WPBeginner has written an in-depth tutorial on how to use them. Stanislav Khromov contributed a lot to this plugin. You can see Content Cards in action on this page – all the nice boxes with links to plugin directory were created using this plugin.


Gust delivers the simple and easy to use interface of Ghost blogging platform back to WordPress. It features Markdown syntax, that is preferred by many writers and a split-editor that allows you to live-preview your text. This page was actually written using Gust.


A version of PayPal donate button that allows your visitors to buy you a cup of coffee (or another item of your choosing). Works as a shortcode, a widget, or a modal popup. This plugin is also activated on this site – you can use a link in the top menu, or click here to buy me a cup of coffee.


A lightweight social sharing plugin, that inserts social sharing links to the end of your post. It uses FontAwesome library to display social network icons, simple links and a bit of JavaScript to display popups. No heavy JavaScript from social network native buttons, no user tracking. You can also insert links to specific social networks directly to the text using shortcodes like [facebook] – , or [twitter] – . All the social sharing links on this website were created using this plugin.


For long-form content, tinyTOC automatically generates a table of contents, based on headings (<h1><h6>) in the text. Can also be used as a widget. The list of plugins at the top of this page was generated using tinyTOC plugin and a [toc] shortcode.

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